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 Harry styles left the chat “Wattpad writers are so delusional, making casts and thinking it’ll be turned into—“ This: exists Critics have left the chat This isssss soooooo gooood omgggg ....aahhh i can't telll howwww happpy ii ammm ....oo myy gosshhh josephine is sooo perfecttt and heroooooo ............gosh...breathtaking....yeahhhh srsly 😍😍😍😍😍.

Another movie/series about a toxic, abusive man and how putting up with him and staying with him will leave you with a happy rainbow ending. He's sexy so it doesn't matter how he treats you, he's just a broken little bird who needs someone to fix him. Yeesh, this dangerous, overused trope is such garbage....

I think they have over done it will all the voice overs etc. I think it might of made more of an impact without all those background distractions. But it is great that they are sharing the experience and making the point..

Is it going to be on Netflix???

They both look 14

little tom riddle

Did anyone else notice that Joe Hart from Glee was in there?

Bet ya when you first read this book, you didn't expect it to turned into a movie. Oops, bet is a really sensitive word.. It's better when u read it!! I didn't imagine Harry and Tess like that 🌝🌹💜🌙✨

She has so very similar voice like Katherine Langford!!🥰🥰(I know they are sisters but still..)

Yo when my phone started moving with the screen I was BRUH WTF



For everyone who judges after, without read the book, should be quiet. Thank you. they showed it on tv all day yesterday. It was a good marathon. FIFTY SHADES JUNIOR😂




a girl wrote a fanfic on wattpad and they made a movie out of it yet i can't even finish my homeworks to get a good grade. Great deterrent, just like its supposed to be This is too strange, but I think that in some places she reminds Betty Cooper.


christian grey has left the chat Now ....2019... And i cant wait 😫😫 I read this as a One Direction fanfiction. Just putting it out there xD my dad doesnt even talk anymore because of this, i remmember when i saw in jail after like 22 years he didnt even talk anymore like not at all he just stared at me and cried..






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